Our Mission

Tenco foundation is a non profit charity foundation, created with the purpose of bringing to life the charity projects that are close to heart for us and our members at Tenco. Together with you, we aim to support a wide range of causes across the world. We are most passionate about projects that pursue providing social humanitarian aid, improving access to education for children who are deprived of it and supporting projects to improve the welfare of all living creatures.

We aim to support a wide range of programs that are high impact and most importantly, lead to sustainable outcomes. It is our goal that the projects we support and design are maintained in the long term.

We want to help improve the everyday life of those living in poor conditions and to ease their struggles.

Our aim with supporting educational programs is to ensure children who are living in disadvantaged conditions get a fair chance at life.

We believe that successful projects require a collaborative approach. In this light, we tackle challenges in cooperation with a large number of partners including governments, municipalities, charity foundations, and private sector businesses.

Our approach is to target the cause of choosing with effective, clear, transparent and tangible outcomes, which enables us to measure our success and implement improvements for the future.

Your support and involvement is essential to us and those who receive your help. You can engage with the foundations in many ways including:

  • Financial support
  • Involvement in projects in manner of your choosing
  • Helping us create new and effective partnerships
  • Getting your business involved with Tenco foundation
  • If you have an idea for a charity project, we are here to bring it to life

Our commitment to transparency, communication and accountability with the donors is of utmost priority.

We take applications for programs that are within our area of focus. Special attention is given to innovative solutions to challenges of everyday life of those in need.