« Avec Moi » project update 2023

“With me” project that the Tenco Foundation chose to sponsor in 2022 has seen many developments and continues to provide children in need with godparents for psychological and social support.

We would like to inform you on several updates regarding the project.

Firstly, strengthening the provision of education will be continued through the years to come. All leaders and mediators have undergone continuous training on the subject of “Strengthening children”. This offer, adapted to “with me”, was led by the Marie-Meierhofer Institute. The topics will include: strengthening the resilience of all those involved, managing multiple constraints and developing appropriate interventions in the event of difficulties. Furthermore, this training will be offered to godparents in the future. Additional training is planned for project managers from regional Caritas organisations.

The continuous training “Verbal affirmation and self-defense for children”, organized in collaboration with specialists from Weg Ohne Angst (wegohneangst.ch), has received very good feedback. The participants were children accompanied by their godparents. Based on the positive feedback, this offer will be repeated in different regions.

In total, more than 50% of further training and additional experience sharing meetings were organized in 2022 compared to 2021. In 2023, additional supervision and intervision will be offered to all.

Caritas commissioned the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Department of Social Management, to study the impact of “with me” sponsorships. 151 godparents, 48 parents and 42 children over the age of 6 took part in the survey, online or by telephone from October to the end of November 2022.

The majority of sponsorships continue on an informal basis after the end of the three-year commitment, which is very encouraging. Many godchildren appreciate being able to stay in touch with their godfathers and godmothers after the official duration of the sponsorship.

In 2023, there are two main goals. First is to increase the recruitment of godparents as due to COVID pandemic, the numbers have fallen. Second is to reduce the waiting list of children. This will be done through an intensive search for volunteers and continuing communication to make the program known to social services.

With the 20th anniversary of “avec moi” in 2023, a few festive events are planned in the regions. They will help to thank everyone involved and, we hope, draw the public’s attention to the unique sponsorship offer by Caritas.

We hope you will continue to support this project and help provide many children in need with supportive godparents to improve their future. If you would like to donate or become a godparent, please contact us.

We thank you for your continuous support.