The TENco Gala 2022 which took place last Friday at Four Seasons Hotel de Bergues in Geneva, was a magical event and we cannot find enough words to express our gratitude to everyone who participated.

Being the first Gala to be hosted by TENco SA alone, we would like to show recognition to our amazing partners who helped us support the causes held dear to the TENco Foundation.

This event also allowed us to introduce the TENco Foundation which was the main beneficiary of all proceeds raised, alongside Caritas. Our expectations were surpassed thanks to our dear members and guests, who helped us raise more money than expected to help the children and families in need that TENco foundation and Caritas are supporting.

With that being said, TENco SA was honoured to put together this event and would like to give a special thanks to Craig David, Jimmy Sax, Stephen Rottenberg and Anne Lalumière for creating a fantastic atmosphere during the event. We hope to see you next year!