This project aims to renovate houses for families that live in very poor conditions, struggling with survival on a daily basis. We provide an accommodation with safe environments where the families and their children can live, learn, play, and grow.

This includes supplying most basic interior and exterior elements of a house that are essential for living. Such items could include beds, kitchen appliances like stove, fridge, installing heating, lighting and water systems, floors, roofs, doors, windows and more.

The programme will expand on to a global scale. At the moment there are several houses in Azerbaijan undergoing renovation. Our goal is to establish partnerships with local housing providers in countries all over the world and develop the programme further.

Roof for all photo

Gulmira – Gulmira is from the province of Ganca, in Azerbaijan. She grew up in a foster home for mentally disabled children. During her first marriage, her baby was taken away at birth and she has never seen her husband or child again. Later, during her second marriage, she had two daughters, currently aged 8 and 5 years old. Her second husband became a drug addict and left the family to survive on its own. They have no official documents and the children are not even registered in any government body. She sells plastic bottles for a living, making barely any money enough for daily survival. They live in atrocious conditions and TENCO Foundation would like to give them the opportunity to live in normal conditions and send monthly allowance to supply the family with basic needs and provide sheltering.

Hasanov’s family – Hasanov’s family have no shelter, no place to live and are constantly on the move, trying to find some accommodation. There are three kids in the family and all the places they have lived in are in a very poor state. Tenco Foundation is aiming to fully renovate a house for them to finally give the family a permanent place to live and focus on finding employment and raising the children.

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