This project aims to provide families and children in need with a godfather or godmother with whom they undertake experiences and activities they have never done before and benefit from the time and attention of a trusted person.

Switzerland has some 230,000 disadvantaged children who suffer from the various effects of poverty. Movies, vacations by the sea and many other leisure activities are often inaccessible to them. Parents cannot afford music lessons or sports activities. Due to financial difficulties, the situation of the family is often precarious and parents lack the strength to motivate their children and provide them with creative hobbies. It often happens that these children cannot develop their abilities.

Once or twice a month, the godmothers and godfathers spend a day or half a day with their godchildren. They organize excursions, go to museums or walks, read stories or bake. This is very popular with children and broadens their horizons. This attention, from which they are the only ones to benefit, gives them confidence and gives the parents a moment of pause.

Volunteers also benefit from this sponsorship. They assist in the growth and development of a child. They are actively committed to a more cohesive society because the “with me” project brings together different generations and cultures.

The “with me” sponsorship offer is implemented and supervised directly by the regional Caritas. Tenco foundation aims to support and expand this project worldwide.

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With Me